Endurance Horses


2005 Bay Arabian Gelding

Khartoon Khlassic/ Sammie Joe/ Bekas

This is Sam's personal horse, and a total rockstar!  Accomplishments include 3rd place at Virginia City 100, 2016 NASTR Triple Crown Winner, Gold Rush Shuffle Overall Fastest time, multiple wins, top 10's, and Best Conditions.


2006 Bay Arabian Mare

Khartoon Khlassic/ Sammie Joe/ Bekas

This strong mare is a full sister to Pikhante.  She is proving to be an absolute machine with exceptional heart rates!  She is amazing in the sense that no matter who is on her, she is consistent and performs as expected.

Que Baska

1999 Bay Arabian Gelding

Dr Thunderbask/ Poirot/ Baske-Tu

This amazing gelding has the most heart and try of any horse I've ever ridden.  Although I acquired him late in his career, he has been my favorite.  He gives everything 110% of the time.  He will continue to do rides as long as he's happy and willing!


2007 Chestnut Arabian Gelding

Enzo/ Bey Shah/ Autumn Fyre

This gorgeous, tall gelding, was our first Endurance horse.  Eddie took Sam through her first 2 LD's.  He was put on the back burner for a while, and in 2017 came back to win an LD in 108 degree heat and complete a 50 at Gold Rush Shuffle.  We are excited for his 2018 season!

WL Bfiftyeighthustler

2008 Bay Half Arabian Mare

WL Intruder/ Holsteiner

This big beautiful mare sort of fell into our lap.  We intended to perhaps breed her or put her in the show ring.  One thing led to another, and we discovered that she is actually a phenomenal Endurance prospect.  She completed her first 55 in November 2017, and we are continuing to build her and are hopeful for the future!